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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

There is breast reduction and there is breast reduction…

A breast reduction surgery will usually achieve its goals – reduction of the breasts, but will the new breasts have an aesthetic, natural and attractive appearance???

In comparison to breast enlargement, a breast reduction is more complicated.

The many decisions of the surgeon will determine the shape of the final breast, among them being the location of the future nipple, the volume of the remaining breast and distribution of volume within the breast itself.

Scars from breast reduction surgery are naturally more extensive – but what will their size be and how fine will they be??? And of course – let’s not forget that breasts are organs that come in pairs and therefore despite this, in many cases there is a basic asymmetry, the plastic surgeon needs to aspire to achieve full symmetry after the surgery. 

Due to these considerations and others, achieving an aesthetic result from a breast reduction surgery is not simple!!!

It is recommended to view the gallery of breast reduction pictures and note Dr. Zeligson’s unique work in this type of surgery.